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Arborwalk is a community located on the northwest corner of 150 Hwy and Ward Road, in Lee's Summit, Missouri. This unique community has beautiful landscaping throughout, and a nearby city park complete with playground.

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  • Click here to contact the Manager  Please include "Arborwalk" in the subject of the email and a few words to describe the request or question.  For example, "Arborwalk - Homeowner Landscape Request"

Trees of Arborwalk 2023 Information

Highlights for Common Areas and Multi-Family Homes:

1. Entrance (Updated 7/18) -
I posted on July 10 after our walkthrough of trees in the neighborhood that there's no water to the roundabout. I was wrong! There is water at the roundabout. Our tree died for reasons other than water. There is rock blocking the roots that will need to be addressed before replanting. We spoke with Reisner and will work with them on a budget for plans to build the spot back up and find a suitable replacement. We want to ensure whatever we do has the best chance for a long life. We'll have an update in the fall.

2. Trees to be removed - Matt identified a number of trees that are dead or dying (Emerald Ash Bore and drought) and need to be removed. Some are in the commons areas and some are in homeowner's yards. A list is being compiled. We won't do any work until fall because of pests and the ongoing drought.

3. Replacement of trees for homeowners - We'll notify individual homeowners if one of their trees will be removed and replaced this fall. We will make recommendations for good replacements. Homeowners will be asked to provide water and care to the new trees to ensure their survival for years to come.

4. Replacement of trees in common areas - the recommendation from Matt is to not replace trees in common areas this year, outside of irrigated areas such as the entrance roundabout. New trees need several years of consistent watering and care. We don't have irrigation or sprinkler systems in a majority of the common areas.

Highlights for Single-Family Homes:

1. Dead, dying, and stressed trees - Matt noted a number of dead, dying, and stressed trees in single-family yards. We're experiencing a drought so Matt stressed the importance of watering trees deeply and fertilizing them. (He recommended Jobe's 01310 Fertilizer Spikes, Tree, and Shrub)

2. Maintenance of Lawns and Plantings for Single-Family Homes - While the HOA does not provide trimming or removal of trees for single-family homeowners, there is a requirement in the CCNRs that "all lawns and plantings shall be maintained in good condition." If the HOA has to correct a dead tree, weeds, or mowing situation, costs will be assessed to the homeowner. Please be a good neighbor and keep your yard weed-free and trees looking good!

3. Where to get help for trees - If you have a dead tree, please remove it and replace it. If you have a dying tree or stressed tree and you don't know what to do, reach out to Matt or a tree expert for help. Matt is happy to help single-family homeowners with tree questions.

Cartwright Tree Care
Phone: 816-965-6758

GFL | Trash Bags

  • Arborwalk's contract with GFL covers only the interior contents of the bin. Below is an excerpt from our contract. 👇
  • Homeowners will need to order tags for additional trash. Bag tags can be purchased from GFL. They come 5 tags on a sheet and are $10.00 per sheet. Homeowners are required to put a tag on each bag that does not fit inside their trash can. You also have the option to rent a 2nd trash can from GFL directly. The cost is $10.00 a month for the additional can.
  • 🏷 You can order tags directly from GFL by calling 816-380-5595.

Review Committee Information

As we begin to move into the fall seasons, please be mindful of the Arborwalk ARC process. All exterior modifications must be approved by the ARC Committee before work begins.

To submit your ARC request, please visit the “Architectural Review Form” tab found on the right-hand side of the homepage.

Within this page, you will find a link that takes you to the Smartwebs ARC website which the Association uses to keep track of ARC status. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

Thursday is Mowing Day for
Multi-Family Homes and Common Areas

Mowing day is Thursday.  Reisner's crew will do their best to get all the work done in both common areas and MF homes in one day. If it proves to be too much to complete in one day, they will split the common areas and the MF homes on Thursdays and Fridays. We'll keep you updated on any changes. For now, plan on Friday being the mowing day.